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Sales outsourcing for IT companies.

Growing partner businesses through advanced social selling on LinkedIn.

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Who we are

We are the team of sales professionals, who help IT-companies generate more leads and attract more clients. We will create a dedicated team of sales managers, who will take the responsibility for prospecting, lead generating, and sales processes for you.

If your company is ready to grow and you would like to ramp up
your sales, we are ready to help!

Our company is headed by

Max Sydorenko

Lead Sales, Co-founder


Experienced sales and marketing professional. Worked for product and service companies as sales manager and sales director.

Dmytro Kulyk

US Business Rep, Co-founder

San Francisco

Our eyes and ears in Silicon Valley. Brings insights from the US market and represents to our clients. Lives and works in San Francisco.


In a nutshell, we make money for our partners. We create dedicated teams of lead generation and sales managers and take responsibly for company’s sales. We do prospecting and lead generation on LinkedIn by applying our own techniques and approaches that make those processes transparent and the results predictable and measurable.

We supply our partners with leads, individuals, and companies that have shown their active interest in seeing and exploring partner’s expertise and knowledge.

In fact, we help our partners grow their businesses.


If your company has a unique expertise (experience, knowledge, cases) and you would like to find new clients but you have lack, we will:


Your business cases and expertise.


A dedicated team.


Your company page on LinkedIn.


Leads on LinkedIn.


Pre-sales and sales activities.


Client’s relations until the deal is closed.







How do
we work?

  • Analyze your business cases and expertise.
  • Create a dedicated team.
  • Enhance Your company page on LinkedIn.
  • Generate Leads on LinkedIn.
  • Arrange Pre-sales and sales activities.
  • Manage Client’s relations until the deal is closed.
  • What is the price?

We are quite flexible in choosing a model of cooperation but our core interest is to get % from sales. All our activities are about sales.

Contact us and we will find the best option for all.

Whom we work with

We are ready to work with companies that have a strong and specific expertise in such fields as AI, Blockchain, Web Design and Development, AR/VR etc. and their target audience is small and medium-sized businesses.

We do not work with dudes that think they know everything better than everyone in the world does. We do not work with people, who are not ready to invest in their brand and marketing. We do not work with fellows, who have lost the connection to the reality:)

We believe in the power of partnership and have already been cooperating with such teams as:

What our partners say

Andrii Dirjawka

CEO, Founder at U-Knight Web Studio

«We’ve been partnering with Max since the time when he was the Sales Director at Zillya Antivirus. His personal and professional qualities will benefit your business for sure. Also, I highly appreciate The Novi Lead team and the work they have done for us.».

«Without any doubts, I can say that thanks to the ability of Max’s team to deliver business results in a short team, now I have a chance to keep my eye on the core of my business, making great design for my agency's clients. If you are interested in growing your business, Novi Leads will definitely help you».

Michael Chepurniak

CEO at MAD group

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